Comprehensive planning and consulting

       The ACL constantly shares its successful experience in operations management with others, ranging from industry position, park planning, investment attraction to operations. ACL is committed to providing comprehensive solutions based on customers' needs. So far, it has provided industrial planning plans for many domestic airports such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, and Nanning Wuxu International Airport.

ACL provides full range services to the development of cities of aviation air logistics park at different stages.

  • Industry position:Aviation core industry and function position planning
  • Park planning: Sensible facility planning, design optimization, and engineering construction in accordance with international and professional standards.
  • Investment Attraction Management:Customized investment-attracting solutions for key customers
  • Operations Management:Industrial park operation and management.

ACL has made a lot of achievements concerning the practice in the Air Logistics Park. In the future, under the concepts of "integrated planning, construction and operation" and "enterprise service platform", we will establish more exemplary aviation logistics industrial park projects together with our customers.


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and organize aviation logistics thematic peer exchanges

  • to discuss hot topics and hard-to-solve problems in the industry with the global and industrial leading companies. We will continue to organize multiple forms of philanthropic workshops and activities;
  • groom professional talents with an industry-specific training system to boost the development of the company;
  • communicate with government agencies, industrial associations, administrative agencies of each airport, air freight logistics enterprises, experts of planning and design institutes, and universities to build a think tank that allows collaborative studies on air freight logistics industry to lead the industrial development.
  • establish the aviation logistics industry and market information database, and share information resources with related agencies.
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Business consulting

  • 总机: 86-10-8941 3888
  • 传真: 86-10-8941 3988
  • 地址: 中国北京市顺义区机场北街8号院2幢航港国际大厦7层
  • 邮箱:[email protected]
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